How Do Fulfillment Services Help D2C Brands?

June 8, 20233 minute read

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D2C stands for Direct to Consumer products and it is a method of selling products to customers eliminating the middleman from the sales process. Fulfillment Company is an ideal solution to the seemingly never-ending work behind any sort of scalable D2c E-commerce business. Fulfillment companies amalgamate new-age technology with high level logistics expertise; it would be saving costs and time. But apart from it, fulfillment services do help D2C brands in various aspects.

Now, let’s understand in a detailed manner how fulfillment services help D2c Brands:

1. To Reduce Shipping Costs:

Many new businesses do not consider outsourcing fulfillment requirements considering it would be an additional cost. Therefore, they prefer to avoid it. D2C fulfillment service providers can truly help to save you money in different areas including shipping costs.

2. To Accelerate The Delivery Speed:

Sources say that 25% of online shoppers have canceled an order due to slow delivery speeds. We are living in a fast paced world where customers want their products to be delivered as soon as possible. Faster delivery speed is a key to customer satisfaction and the continued growth of your D2C Brands.

3. To Gain Excellent Business Expertise:

If you find the ideal fulfillment partner and create a strong working relationship, the fulfillment company can truly be critical to the growth of your business. Moreover, your partner is an ideal resource for queries regarding inventory planning, shipping, packaging and different fulfillment-oriented topics.

4. To Enhance the Value of Your Offerings:

Talking about the touch-point in the order fulfillment process, especially the moment of delivery truly is streamlined if you get to be perceived in the form of a premium service. It is quite simple to justify high-end pricing when buyers believe they are getting an exclusive experience. According to a study, more than 75% of customers are willing to spend more at a company providing a superior customer experience.

5. To Mitigating Operating Costs:

It is quite expensive to ship your packages, hire employees, purchase packaging supplies, sustain quality control, and rent space. You may avoid these overhead costs by partnering with a D2C fulfillment company and sharing resources and space following other sellers. 3PL fulfillment services would be minimizing your operating costs by outsourcing fulfillment of D2C business where you would not need or supervise any staff or worry regarding fulfillment logistics.

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The D2C e-commerce businesses are getting quite popular indeed and they can achieve real success if they overcome logistics challenges. Collaborating a tech-enabled fulfillment company encourages the scalability potential of the D2C e-commerce businesses by giving online shoppers a competitive online shopping experience.

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